“Money: Master the Game” or better yet, “Let’s Save the World With Tony Robbins”

I know, I know, I know.

You’ve heard it all before, and those lame self help books are just not your style. You’re sick of people shoving positive thinking, meditation, and kale down your throat and you’ve just had enough of all the talking about having a fuller and healthier life without any real progress. You want action and results.

But what if the misconceptions about “motivational speakers” such as Tony Robbins (I’m calling him Tiny from now on) are incorrect? What if he’s actually an expert in bringing about peak performance in professionals and Joe Shmo alike, who’s making a huge impact in the lives of millions of people every day, and can actually help you with tools and tricks of his trade? For your own benefit, put away the negative self help bias and learn some of these tools that are easily applicable to real life if given them the proper attention. In this case, the tricks are about a subject that is dear to most of our hearts… Or maybe it isn’t.

MONEY… and saving the world… With that money.

This is only kind of an exaggeration.

Tony robbins

Money: Master the Game is a monster book to read. It is 600 pages long. 600 PAGES?!??! Are you kidding me? On this point, I think Tiny could have benefitted from a really discerning editor, but if you’ve read it you will be much better off than if you haven’t, and probably thousands of dollars richer 30 years from now because of a beautiful thing called compounding that you can learn about in the book, or like, on the internet.

In the book you will learn things such as:

  • The power of saving even a tiny portion of your paycheck over time.
  • Financial myths such as the shocking fact that 96% of mutual funds don’t beat the market while simultaneously taking about 3% in fees, which amounts hundreds of thousands of your dollars. Better stick with Vanguard, provider of low fees and low cost index funds that consistently beat the marketplace.
  • A low cost fiduciary service call Stronghold.
  • Why you shouldn’t buy coffee every day. I’m pretty sure that’s a key point in every financial book ever written, ever. This one was especially applicable to me as a college student who loves Starbucks and isn’t proud.
  • The All Seasons Portfolio: arguably the most important asset of the book, created by Ray Dalio. It succeeds in all financial climates and only lost about 3% at it’s lowest point in performance in 100 years..or something like that.
  • How to create a strong income for future you with annuities, in a situation where you literally can’t lose money but can only gain a nice big future paycheck.
  • How to balance securities and growth/risk in your portfolio.
  • Interviews with 12 of the most important financial gurus in the world.
  • http://www.swipeout.com. Check it out its awesome. I’m doing this now. Plus, I like even numbers.

The part of the book that really struck me was how Tiny pulled strings during its creation. First of all, if you buy the book your feeding something like, 50 families because all of the revenue is going to a fund called Feeding America, which is already going to be feeding at least 50 million families in 2015 because of Tiny. He opened the fiduciary services of Stronghold to the middle class and those less fortunate, coaxed the almost impervious All Weather approach out of Ray Dalio who only serves clients with millions of dollars at his own fund, and helped start http://www.swipeout.com, which programs your debit card so that whenever you use your debit it rounds the sale up to a dollar donates the difference to those in need.

The last chapters are also simply inspirational. Overly wordy, but optimistic and eye opening about the way the world is changing for the better. It’s obvious that we are entering a cyber age and that the technological advances are gaining speed EXPONENTIALLY. There’s some real sci-fi shit in this book if you make it to the end.

I wasn’t paid to tout the wonders of Tiny’s Money: Master the Game, I just think the financial freedom you can gain is well worth the 600 pages and that everyone should get the chance to benefit from this.