Have you ever stayed up until two in the morning, sprawled out on your couch and pondering whether or not to keep watching How I Met Your Mother until you can’t take the tease anymore? You then make the incredibly sacrificial decision to finish the entire series because you really need to know how the fuck Ted met their mother and have heard about how the ending of the show is the worst thing in the world, worse than satan and cheese-in-a-can, combined, and don’t care how shitty you feel the next day? Well I have. That’s me right now, and actually I’m loving it. Cat Lazy I am in the middle of a transition in my life. Mainly the awkward summer after your first year of college where most people get a job and never talk to their high school friends again, or is that just me, ixnay the job. Anyway, lately I’ve been thinking about how many strange things I get involved in, and how it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea to write it all down in a possibly lucrative format, assuming people are interested in what I have to say. I have a pretty strange life, but I’m not complaining, and I’d like to share it with y’all. Now, if you dare, join me in the journey through my monkey mind, ranging from topics such as the song I wrote and recorded for a local independent film company I work with and the music video we’ll be taping soon, to the keto-genic diet that I recently ditched in favor of a more carb friendly approach, and some more philosophical pursuits such as my attempt at transcendental meditation and my ponderings of the day, usually based on the book I’m currently reading. Maybe I’ll even mention some of the things that I’m actually majoring in in college, like architecture and theatre. Who knows. It’s gonna be a fun ride folks. fun ride P.S. -The feature photo is a piece of artwork done by Eric Fortune called Day of Dissonance. He is a very skilled artist who’s work will pop up on my blog at unexpected moments. There’s no particular reason for the photo to be featured other than it’s obvious badassery.